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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Gala Extravaganza!

I wanted to share with you some images from 'The Met Gala After Party' at the Crown (NYC). Although this is an event that occurred at the beginning of May, I still love the photography (courtesy of Kevin Tachman) and style of all the guests. So elegant and chic. Everyone looks like they are having fun, after all, that is what an after party is all about.

Fashionably crowding outside Crown.

My favourite star couple, Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

Bruno Mars and Janelle Monae singing up a storm (love this girls music)!

'Modern Family' beauty, Sofia Vergara looking glamourous as always. 

Eva Mendes looking chic in Black and White, its like a Dior commercial!

And the mesmerizing Karlie Kloss, love her eyes (even in a black and white photo - so classic).

Photos courtesy of Vogue (Click here for full article).

Friday, 3 June 2011

The most important room in the house!

Ever since I saw Olivia Palermo's TriBeca apartment, I was inspired! Especially by her wardrobe. Not only does she have the most amazing pieces, but also the layout and design of the wardrobe itself is impeccable.

I have been inspired to look for ideas and precedents for my own dream walk in wardrobe. It has definitely occured to me that I want to change one of the spare rooms in the house into my new clothes, shoes, bags accessories room!

Here are some inspirational images that I have gathered to gain a bit of perspective as to how or what to look into for wardrobe design...

I love printed rugs and sparkles, however there is something about the simplicity of white furniture and minimal decorative features that just have a relaxing demure to any environemnt. PS. LOVE the LV Deauville!

Aren't the storage baskets adorable in this wardrobe?? Always looking for alternative storage tips, i have way too many things! Look below at all those delicious Chanel bags! I dream that I will grow a collection like this one day, perfectly arranged as a baggaholic center piece. 

I really like the idea of trying to glam up a small space with an elegant chandelier, hence why this image is in the mix.

Realistically, this is the size of wardrobe i am working with, good to see the space is being used efficiently and with all those shelves and racks there is no clutter!

I hope you are as inspired as I am, to finish off with this gorgeous photo of a french style mirror sitting elegantly among a subtle palette of couture gowns. 

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Dreams really can come true!

Where do I even begin with Olivia Palermo's gorgeous Tribeca apartment!? Admittedly,  I am a little style obsessed with our favourite condescending New York City socialite. And now to see proper images of her NYC apartment, rather than trying to catch a glimpse on 'The City', is inspirational! I love everything about this apartment. From the grey-toned zebra print rug that adds a touch of glam to her wardrobe, to her antique Hermes tray (an extremely rare find these days) sitting effortlessly on the Carlyle Custom Convertible white leather coffee table.

My favourite part of this apartment is of course the wardrobe nonetheless, from her  designer items (I dream of her Hermes Birkins and Kellys), to her more affordable pieces (glad to know she still rocks with Zara from time to time).

Images courtesy of NYPost (see article here).