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Friday, 3 June 2011

The most important room in the house!

Ever since I saw Olivia Palermo's TriBeca apartment, I was inspired! Especially by her wardrobe. Not only does she have the most amazing pieces, but also the layout and design of the wardrobe itself is impeccable.

I have been inspired to look for ideas and precedents for my own dream walk in wardrobe. It has definitely occured to me that I want to change one of the spare rooms in the house into my new clothes, shoes, bags accessories room!

Here are some inspirational images that I have gathered to gain a bit of perspective as to how or what to look into for wardrobe design...

I love printed rugs and sparkles, however there is something about the simplicity of white furniture and minimal decorative features that just have a relaxing demure to any environemnt. PS. LOVE the LV Deauville!

Aren't the storage baskets adorable in this wardrobe?? Always looking for alternative storage tips, i have way too many things! Look below at all those delicious Chanel bags! I dream that I will grow a collection like this one day, perfectly arranged as a baggaholic center piece. 

I really like the idea of trying to glam up a small space with an elegant chandelier, hence why this image is in the mix.

Realistically, this is the size of wardrobe i am working with, good to see the space is being used efficiently and with all those shelves and racks there is no clutter!

I hope you are as inspired as I am, to finish off with this gorgeous photo of a french style mirror sitting elegantly among a subtle palette of couture gowns. 


  1. i wish i had that many chanel bags as the 4th photo and a closet as big as these!

  2. The closets of my dream!!!!!!!! Really interesting post! following your blog now!

  3. @Lindsay, I dream of those bags! They make me happy! Now to win the Lottery!

    @miss_fashionmix, I'm glad you are inspired like I am! I checked out your blog too, love all the gorgeous images and street style post, following yours too!